PT Relindo Multi Cipta was established in 1990 with the sole aim of manufacturing and delivering high quality hotel & resort bathroom amenities.

Over the years, we have developed into a one-stop solution provider of wide range of services including:

  • High quality products at competitive prices
  • Custom design services using the latest 2D and 3D technology
  • Extensive range of products and special perfume formulations
  • Flexible and practical packaging
  • Just-in-time philosophy
  • Exclusive consultancy
  • Fully established in-house R&D facility

Our belief is to building a solid business trust which lasts through the various cycles of growth and challenges. We totally understand this industry is multi-disciple of concept, design, modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and finally delivery. In order to properly serve this market, we have a team of totally professional, experienced, dedicated, friendly, multi-lingual, service-orientated staff capable of addressing the most demanding customers.

The organization structure we have invested in and slowly created is the envy of our competitors because of its strength in rigidity without compromising on the flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing demands our clients.

In this market of contract manufacturers, we pride our-self to be unique as we lend a listening ear to the issues of every customer with the intension of achieving a mutually beneficial win-win relationship. This will in turn add tremendous value to the customers of our clients and all this will result will be a big value add-on to any business.

The passion for this amenities industry has led us to conduct rigorous research and development to create new fragrances that are so unique. Today, we even export customized fragrances.

Initially servicing the vast Indonesian market, our reputation has led us to service markets in the ASEAN region. Today, we have expanded even further by exporting to a number of other markets around the world.

Our business philosophy is to be ever ready to take on a new challenge so, call us!